Project “Yverdon-Solidaire” and “Assiettes Solidaires”

Project “Yverdon-Solidaire” and “Assiettes Solidaires”

With the city of Yverdon-Les-Bains (Vaud, Switzerland), i produced a complete online management tools to help the city to deliver meals or products during Covid19 crisis in 2020 and 2021.

The tool was the administrative backoffice tool with mobile declinaison to manage orders from customers, delivery with delivery men and data feedbacks, statistics and accounting for the project management team.

Links between actors (up to 150 peoples using at the same time the apps in back office to deliver for 500’000 CHF of products for 10’000 clients) was done using SMS mainly and managing their interaction via desktop and mobile.

We were using also Google Map API to compute the best route for delivery and split deliveries between people acting as delivery men.

The main purpose of this apps was to run without any documentation with a very intuitive and direct app to allow big HR shift : new people every day was acting and it was impossible to train them before to act.