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15 business categories to guarantee perfect focus

  • Finance & Consulting
    Financial management, control, business consulting, mergers & acquisitions (M&A)
  • Admin support
    Secretarial work, various administrative tasks, executive assistant, office management
  • Building & Architecture
    All construction-related professions from design to completion (excluding manual workers)
  • Customer Service
    Customer relations, order processing, after-sales service
  • Design & Creative
    Audio-visual, graphic and artistic creation professions (excluding website creation)
  • Engineering
    Technical and engineering professions, excluding IT
  • HR and related
    Professions related to Human Resources management, recruitment, remuneration, audit, including training, outplacement, etc.
  • IT & Networks
    Professions and projects related to the management of computer networks, servers and security systems
  • Legal
    All aspects of legal practice, counsel, contracts, compliance, governance
  • Sales & Marketing
    Commercial professions: all sectors, communications, advertising
  • Life Sciences
    Professions specific to MedTech and BioTech activities, R&D, compliance, production, etc.
  • Mobile & Software dev
    Specific software developments, AI, mobile applications
  • Web
    Website development and all related tasks (full stack)
  • Writing & Translations
    Text writing, translations (into mother tongue)
  • Procurement & Logistics
    Supply chain - purchasing, procurement, flows and stock management, consulting in these areas

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This free Marketplace allows expert Freelancers and demanding Companies to connect and agree on projects. Both will benefit from the wage portage services of SPS-Switzerland Payroll Services SA.
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SPS offers complete Swiss social coverage to Freelancers
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